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Supported Layar API Version

first post: kerem wrote: What is the supported API version?

ASP.Net Classic Mode

first post: jmaldonadom wrote: First of all, congratulations for the great work. It works perfectl...

A simple tutorial on how to create the first Layar

first post: williamba wrote: Hello I'm from Brazil, have you post with a practical example of ho...

latest post: csudheer wrote: Hi, if you found a tutorial about how to create layer using layardo...

What URL to use for the GetPOIService

first post: sonnemaf wrote: Hi,Can you tell me what URL should I use to test the SampleLayer of...

latest post: mykoan wrote: Sonnemaf:You must publish your Layar to a end point accessible on t...

It works, nothing else to add

first post: skipperkongen wrote: Hi,I've tried and used layardotnet, and I haven't experienced any p...

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